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Wesley Research Institute

Established on 8th December 1994 by a group of dedicated doctors, Wesley Research Institute is Queensland’s second-oldest medical research institute.

This year we celebrate our 28th Anniversary and as we look back over what we have achieved at Wesley Research Institute we are especially proud of the research developed and investments into innovation leading to faster diagnosis, better treatment options and ultimately cures for debilitating illnesses and diseases.

We are committed to delivering real impact and further enhancing patient outcomes while contributing to knowledge worldwide.

At our core is a strong heartfelt culture that focusses on giving hope and changing lives of the sick and vulnerable.

Wesley Research Institute aims to improve patient outcomes by linking medical and health research to clinical outcomes.


Our Vision

A world leader in applied medical and health research, achieving excellence and innovation improving patient outcomes.

Our Mission

Encouraging, supporting and facilitating clinicians and other health professionals to undertake medical and health research to improve patient care and quality of life.

Our History

Wesley Research Institute Timeline

A timeline since the beginning of Wesley Research Institute
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